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 FAce Fit

- for the general public and health professionals- 

Breathe, feed, eat and sleep

-health professionals only-


Mouth breathing myofunctional therapy

                 - Toning - Defining - Firming -

We spend many hours exercising our bodies, but forget about our face!

Learn how to tone the cheeks, lips, eye and neck muscles using the Face Fit re-education exercise program specifically designed and taught by experienced Orofacial Myofunctional Therapists, Cheree Wheaton and Bridget Ingle.

This evidence-based 2 x 1 hour pre-recorded webinar will guide you through the Aussie developed FACIAL YOGA technique and give you the skills to monitor your progress.  

Bonus lectures - facial taping and massage

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Craniofacial-Respiratory Complex Growth and Development - and its reciprocal role in patient health

1 or 2 day attendance


Day 1 (Sat Feb 27th) -  Opening your Eyes to Orofacial Dysfunction Throughout Life

A workshop for all health professionals to help improve awareness and the identification of lesser known causes of many chronic health issues. There are many breathing, mouth and facial functions that contribute to good overall health...but we don't always develop according to our genetic programme.


  • How mouth breathing impacts craniofacial (jaw) growth and development and sleep quality  
  • What does ideal orofacial respiratory function look and behave like? 
  • The important role of the tongue for total lifelong health
  • Why eating and chewing behaviours are more than just about nutrition
  • The connection between sleep disordered breathing and orofacial dysfunction   
  • How to identify problems early on
  • Linking - breathing, feeding, eating and sleeping  

7hrs CPD


Day 2 - (Sun 28th Feb)  Breastfeeding and Young Child Feeding Behaviours and Support: Impact of Orofacial Conditions and Breathing on Outcomes

Working with orofacial muscle function for positive outcomes in the littlest populations.  

***Suitable for all health professionals.

  • Understanding physiology, neurology, and myofunction of oral feeding through developmental milestones
  • How cranio facial growth impacts feeding and feeding impacts craniofacial growth and development
  • How to assist the optimal oral, facial and respiratory function of the child from birth -5years
  • The biology, physiology and mechanics of lactation and breastfeeding
  • There's more to teeth than chewing
  • Understand how breastfeeding, bottle feeding and other feeding methods change and are changed by orofacial development


7hrs CPD (CERPS application pending)


Cheree Wheaton - Oral Health Therapist (Dental Practitioner) and Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist

Bridget Ingle - RM, RM, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and Paediatric Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist

$350/day OR $625 for both days

         - Early Bird before Dec 31st $320/$595

8.30am - 5pm both days


James Street Dentists
151Robertson Street , Fortitude Valley, Qld 4006

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