10 MyoMate Premium (reusable) Card – free shipping within Australia

$24.20 inc. GST

Premium MyoMate – reusable

  • *FREE postage within Australia
  • *International orders – postage fees apply
  • Reusable – can be autoclaved approx 6 times (wrap individually in tissue/gauze)
  • Each pack includes 10 x MyoMates
  • Synthetic card
  • Non-absorbent
  • Tear resistant
  • Durable enough to use more than once for the same patient
  • More comfortable for your patients
  • Bulk DISCOUNTS on ANY MyoMate combinations – 5  pkts  10%,  10 pkts 20%

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**** International orders – any problems processing your order, please email [email protected].

Measuring with the MyoMate:

  • Jaw movement – lateral, protrusive, opening
  • Lips – philtrum, vermillion zone,
  • Dental – interdental/arch width, overbite, overjet, shimbashi
  • Mew indicator line (incisal edge of upper central teeth to tip of the nose) 
  • Tongue Range of Motion Ratio –  anterior and posterior

Measuring Up webinar – on demand

Special design features

  • can autoclave the Premium MyoMates
  • more comfortable for tongues, especially after frenectomy procedure
  • easy to manoeuvre
  • numbers scale easy to read, especially for those wiggly small patients when you need to be quick
    the various rulers are different colours for ease of reference
  • 2 different types of durable materials used
  • double-sided and ambidextrous
  • Australian owned, design and made by health professionals
  • text boxes for recording patient’s name and their measurements
  • use it as a motivational tool –  give to your patients to take home to monitor their own progress

Additional information

Weight 15 g
Dimensions 82 × 60 × 5 mm